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The PIT Master Consulting Program

Complete On-Going Immersion to Develop Master Instincts 

“Creativity is thinking up new things.  Innovation is doing new things.”

~Theodore Levitt


The PIT Master Consulting Program turns the skills taught in our workshops into instincts your employees can call upon at will.  Based on your specific needs, our expert consultants will design an immersion program that creates master communicators, speakers, innovators, and an unbeatable team.  The Master Program consists of no less than 8 sessions that cover everything offered in The PIT’s core workshops and more.  This is a commitment only suggested for teams who want to play at the top of their game.




“There is now compelling evidence that smiling causes people to feel happy. Requiring people to smile, no matter how they really feel at first, results in increased positive feelings; frowning conversely decreases positive feelings. Robert Zajonc and his colleagues show that smiling leads to physiological changes in the brain that cool the blood, which in turn makes people feel happy.” ~Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project



"Improv Your Work" and The PIT

With millions of blogs, and billions of internet sources, I suppose the first blog post for Improv Your Work should explain, at least in part, why this blog exists and who is its intended reader.

What is “Improv Your Work”?

“Improv Your Work” is a branch of the “Improv Your Life” philosophy of The Peoples Improv Theater in NYC, where we believe that the experience of life, relationships, and even the workplace can be improved through the study and application of the principles of improvisation. 


What is The Peoples Improv Theater?

The Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT) is a New York City based community that serves its members (affectionately known as PITizens), by focusing on three elements: education centered on the craft of improvisation, a theater that regularly presents original comedy, and a corporate training program that offers team building, leadership, professional development, and continuing legal education (CLE).


Who is the “Improv Your Work” blog for?

This blog is a resource to share information with both post-workshop participants and anyone interested in learning more about how to apply improv principles to improve the quality of their experience in the workplace, in relationships and in life.  “Improv Your Work” will feature blogs and guest blogs from non-performer professionals who have used improv to support them at work, as well as insight from improv instructors that detail improv as a life-skill. 

If you are a former student of The PIT, this site is your take-away with information on how to continue to use improv in practice.  If you haven’t participated in The PIT program, this site will serve as a window into our world and offer a glimpse into a practice that can both Improv Your Work and Improv Your Life!