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Be Yourself?



We all had a great time. It exceeded our high expectations, and the instructor was ideal!

~Raymond Blum, Software Engineering, Google



The PIT Master Consulting Program

Complete On-Going Immersion to Develop Master Instincts 

“Creativity is thinking up new things.  Innovation is doing new things.”

~Theodore Levitt


The PIT Master Consulting Program turns the skills taught in our workshops into instincts your employees can call upon at will.  Based on your specific needs, our expert consultants will design an immersion program that creates master communicators, speakers, innovators, and an unbeatable team.  The Master Program consists of no less than 8 sessions that cover everything offered in The PIT’s core workshops and more.  This is a commitment only suggested for teams who want to play at the top of their game.

The feedback from students was excellent! This was a great way to kick off the semester. Students felt that the ice was broken, they got to know one another better and learned a new way of communicating. I was very happy with the quality of teachers.

~Jennifer Baron, Cohort Leadership Project Coordinator, Stern Business School, New York University



We were very pleased with the workshop and thought our instructor was great. We really enjoyed the training, and I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues and other firms. Thanks for making it so simple and enjoyable.

~Nancy Keane, Capital Markets Technology, Royal Bank of Canada



We were pleasantly surprised to find normally shy members actively participating and shining on stage. The workshop is a nurturing experience that builds trust and respect and was an invaluable experience for our members.

~Maureen Brophy, Program Coordinator, The Mental Health Association of Westchester



It was a huge success!

~William McNulty, First Vice President, Morgan Stanley

The Custom Built Program

Mix and Match to Create a One of a Kind Experience

“The principle mark of genius is not

perfection, but originality, the opening of new frontiers.”

~Arthur Koestler


Your team is unique, so your professional development program should be as well.  You may have a mix of speakers, writers, idea generators and facilitators who all have individual needs.  This is a special program, designed in collaboration with you and one of our Program Specialists, to accommodate the specific needs of your organization.   The curriculum, focus, and length of time are determined by you and our experts to tailor a one of a kind experience that includes the best from all of our programs.