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Special Guest Post: Consequences…, by Michael E. Gerber

Consequences are the inevitable result of actions taken without thought, or the right and appropriate thought, or the desire to act without having to bother with thought, or, of thought which betrayed us.  Consequences are the sound music makes when we’re not playing the instrument, in our mind where a poor imitation of sound plays itself out, unspirited, empty of delirium, no love lost or gained.  Consequences are most often thought of as outcomes, either at the heart of the matter, or at the start of the matter, or on its fringes, rarely related to the force which oozed them out, which found them in the still unquiet air, as though waiting for the right stimulus to stimulate them, they are objects where no objects lived before, reactions where none are allotted the space to become what they are, a continuity of expression in an expressionless haze, which are the bumps and bottoms of a life unfused.  Consequences are simply more of the same, dressed however they choose, in blacks and browns or in garish red and orange, no matter, consequences are consequences and at the end of it, where it has no perceivable end, they are simply more of the mush called our lives. 

~Michael E. Gerber

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