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Special Guest Post: Yes! to Improv, By Terry Daves

I was onstage, in the moment, facing an invisible tiger, when I realized the words  “yes, and…” can change the way a person does business.
I ended up at the Peoples Improv Theater in my ongoing search for better ways to serve clients and motivate staff.  I run Medallion Retail; we develop shopper experiences and environments for big retail brands.  We’re all about creating a positive experience.  Turns out, so is improv theater.
Our workshop at PIT was inspiring, invigorating and insanely fun.  It was a safe space where non-actors like me got to play, mug and feel the thrill of really thinking on your feet.  Being in the moment – and outside of your own head — is empowering.
Through scenes, games and exercises (Crazy 8s was a favorite!), I learned that the cornerstone of good improv is an affirmative attitude.  Openness, flexibility and a willingness to extend yourself result in a good performance – on a stage or in a client meeting.  
Good improv, and good business, require 
·     Commitment

o   Truly believe in what you’re saying and who you’re saying it to.  

·     Collaboration

o   Share your vision and trust your team. Trust leads to empowerment, which leads to surprising and delightful performances.

·     Energy

o   Exude positive vibes.  Your audience – paying client or patron – can feel and feed on your excitement and passion.

I use my newfound improv skills everyday in my business to animate idea sessions, motivate staff and wow clients.  Would I take another workshop at PIT?

Terry Daves is the President of Medallion Retail, a full service retail strategy company, offering end-to-end research through implementation expertise specializing in custom branded selling environments.

Medallion Retail helps great businesses become great brands. Fortune 1000 companies, global brands and the nation’s largest retailers rely on them to enhance and shape the customer experience at retail.


Twitter: @MedallionRetail