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American Bar Association Journal Mention!

We just got the first mention in the ABA Journal for our Improv CLE!



Lawyers CLE Improv - Wednesday April 25th



Improv Comedy and The Practice of Law

This blog post was written by Tommy Galan, Director of Corporate Programming at The PIT as a guest post for the Continuing Education of the Bar-California.  It first appeared on September 23, 2011.




The Peoples Improv Theater uses the techniques, exercises, and games of the improv performer to heighten the skills of attorneys.  The course focuses on the attorney as a performer, the power of verbal and non-verbal communication, the ability to deal with the unexpected, listen actively, communicate effectively, and speak in public under stress with extreme confidence. 


Is the course accredited?

Yes!  Improv(ed) Legal Skills is a 3-Credit New York State approved Continuing Legal Education course, complete with written materials that detail a brief history of improv, the parallel between improv skills and attorney skills, and take-away group and solo exercises.


What is it like?

Our class is a safe, team environment where participants are lead as a group through simple improv warm-ups, exercises, and games that highlight skills that are essential to performers and attorneys alike.  After each exercise, the group engages in a dialogue that helps connect the skill to the specific reality of the participating attorneys.

Improv(ed) Legal Skills breaks the mold of traditional lecture/power-point/note-taking CLE, and re-introduces attorneys to a learning style that is interactive, entertaining, and fun.  We believe that by challenging the traditional-style of learning, our participants retain more of the information and can easily access the lessons for use in practice.


Who is it for?

IMPROV CLE is taught in a transitional, live-classroom format, and is valuable for both newly admitted and experienced attorneys.

Newly Admitted Attorneys – IMPROV CLE offers an arena to practice trial skills, negotiation techniques, and their individualized team building efforts without the fear of a client’s life, liberty or money at risk.

Experienced Attorneys – IMPROV CLE is an opportunity for experienced lawyers to exercise and sharpen their skills to give them an edge over the competition while improving innovative leadership skills.

Areas of Law –Each skill set has its own meaning and application to different areas of law.  Non-verbal communication skills can serve both the trial attorney and the negotiator.  Persuasion techniques are fundamental in both contract drafting and client interactions. The unique value found in our CLE is the interactivity and group dialogue dynamic.  This allows for a platform of self-directed learning where we explore and strengthen the specific skill, and then discuss how we can and will implement the skill into our specific area of law. 

While this course is open and available to all areas of law, some of the areas of advancement for former students are litigation, negotiation, deposition, persuasive writing, contract, and client management.  Some of the highlights of our course focus on presentation, public speaking, verbal and non-verbal communication, listening, trust, and frustration management.

Where is it taught?

We can teach the CLE in Manhattan either at our theater located at 123 E. 24th Street, or at our training facility Simple Studios at 134 West 29th Street. If you book us to teach your firm, we can accommodate for on site training. 

Improv(ed) Legal Skills accommodates any group over 6 people, however we also conduct individual registration ongoing group classes at our learning facilities year round.


Who teaches Improv(ed) Legal Skills?

Improv(ed) Legal Skills is taught by Tommy Galan, Director of Corporate Programming at The Peoples Improv Theater.  Tommy is a performer with over 20 years of experience, as well as an attorney in good standing with the New York State Bar Association.  After a decade of practicing law, Tommy returned full-time to his passion for performance and sharing the benefits of improvisation.  Tommy has successfully handled over 3000 legal cases and maintains an undefeated appellate record.  He is also an award-winning performer whose work has been featured at the New York Comedy Festival sponsored by Comedy Central, The Chicago SketchFest, The Toronto Sketch Festival, Los Angeles Comedy Festival, and Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival.   He performs regularly in New York City.


How much does it cost?

For information regarding individual cost, group rates, and a copy of our financial aid policy, please send an e-mail to


How can I schedule a CLE for my firm?

If you are interested in scheduling a CLE workshop for your firm, feel free to contact Tommy Galan, Director of Corporate Programming at




"Improv Your Work" and The PIT

With millions of blogs, and billions of internet sources, I suppose the first blog post for Improv Your Work should explain, at least in part, why this blog exists and who is its intended reader.

What is “Improv Your Work”?

“Improv Your Work” is a branch of the “Improv Your Life” philosophy of The Peoples Improv Theater in NYC, where we believe that the experience of life, relationships, and even the workplace can be improved through the study and application of the principles of improvisation. 


What is The Peoples Improv Theater?

The Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT) is a New York City based community that serves its members (affectionately known as PITizens), by focusing on three elements: education centered on the craft of improvisation, a theater that regularly presents original comedy, and a corporate training program that offers team building, leadership, professional development, and continuing legal education (CLE).


Who is the “Improv Your Work” blog for?

This blog is a resource to share information with both post-workshop participants and anyone interested in learning more about how to apply improv principles to improve the quality of their experience in the workplace, in relationships and in life.  “Improv Your Work” will feature blogs and guest blogs from non-performer professionals who have used improv to support them at work, as well as insight from improv instructors that detail improv as a life-skill. 

If you are a former student of The PIT, this site is your take-away with information on how to continue to use improv in practice.  If you haven’t participated in The PIT program, this site will serve as a window into our world and offer a glimpse into a practice that can both Improv Your Work and Improv Your Life!