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Decide you want it more than you are afraid of it.

Bill Cosby (via improv-is-easy)

oh yeaaaaah. thank you poupak and cos.

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A Tale About The Power of “Yes”

Once upon a time, a fruit farmer wanted to share some land with another local farmer who grew vegetables.  The fruit farmer had too much land, and a portion of his land was only fertile for root veggies.  The fruit farmer also knew that the vegetable farmer had some land that was in a perfect area for growing fruit trees.  The fruit farmer had also developed a new irrigation procedure, and as an incentive for the land swap, he offered to share his new innovation with the vegetable farmer.

The fruit farmer approached the vegetable farmer and suggested a land swap and an introduction to his new irrigation system.  The vegetable farmer was slightly suspicious at first, but decided to say, “Yes” because the two farmers were not in direct competition, and his unused area of land would be wasted otherwise.  The farmers planted on each other’s land and shared their ideas and technology.  When the harvest season came, the vegetable farmer had increased his yield by 25% because of the added land.  He also had larger, healthier and tastier vegetable because of the innovative irrigation.  Unfortunately, the fruit farmer was not as lucky.  The portion of land he borrowed from the vegetable farmer was infested, and he lost that part of his crop. 

 The veggie farmer, being so thankful for the fruit farmer’s gift, choose to promote the fruit farmer’s product to his customers, which allowed the fruit farmer to make up for the loss.  A friendship for life was formed.  Both farmer’s continued to work together, share land, and cross-market each other’s produce.  As the years went by, their success resulted in a bounty that allowed their families to grow further strengthening the bond.  The fruit farmer’s daughter ended up marrying the vegetable farmer’s son, and as the two families became one.  Success in friendship, business, wealth, health, family and love all came to be…and all because of the word “YES.”

However, the above story never happened because in reality, the veggie farmer said “No.”

(The story is a metaphor for all the missed possibilities that could have been had we said “Yes.”  We have all experienced suspicion and fear.  Next time, think of what you might miss out on when you are quick to say “No.”)



Public Speaking:  I often ask my public speaking classes, “What is the worst that can happen?”  The responses usually range from “forget your place” to “start sweating.”  In my opinion, those things are natural and normal. I say the worst that can happen is that you curl up in a ball under the podium, or throw a chair… After watching this video, I think I may change my mind…



The Number One Fear Workshop

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills 

“People’s number one fear is public speaking.  Death is number two…If you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.”

~Jerry Seinfeld


Above poverty and even death, public speaking is ranked as the number one fear of most people.  We are conditioned to constantly be concerned with how we appear and what people think of us, and we often find ourselves in situations where we must speak in front of an audience.  Whether your team uses speaking opportunities to generate business, deliver presentations, pitch an idea, or earn a living through speaking, this workshop will give them the strength to tackle the world’s number one most crippling fear.  Learn how to think quickly on your feet, answer questions on the fly, and speak with confidence and poise.